Dashka’s Healing Hands
Bellingham, WA & Tele-health

Dashka Garestson,RN,CMSRN,HTCP

My gentle and unique approach to healing uses no medications or invasive procedures.  I am able to go beyond the surface, connecting with your subconscious and soul essence to bring about lasting transformation.  I use a method that can precisely identify and address the root cause of health challenges without reliving past trauma.
This method unveils the long-held emotions that can manifest in one’s life as a physical ailment, disease, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, emotional upset, confusion, lack of fulfillment, relationship or career challenges and more.

Once  heath challenges are identified and brought into consciousness, they are then released from your body and energy system, no longer causing pain.

With over 15 years of experience as a dedicated registered nurse in a hospital setting, I’ve expanded into holistic and intuitive healing, specializing in bioenergetics.  Bioenergetics is the profound link between emotional well-being and physical health & vitality. I have studied in depth several energy healing modalities including Healing Touch Program, Soul Intelligence Method, Crystal Light Therapy and Medical Intuitive.

My goal is to assist people to connect with their core wisdom and empower them to take control of their health, feel good in their bodies and thrive!

Holistic Healing Services

I help people to feel good in their body and thrive! By identifying the ROOT CAUSE of health challenges, I energetically clear and dissolve the blockages. My process uses energy medicine to activate all of the water within the body to move freely.

When the waters of our circulatory systems are in flow, we naturally heal. The body knows precisely what to do to correct itself. This is healing from the inside out.

An open, clear and balanced Individual Energy system will bring you:

  • Physical Vitality
  • Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Balance

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